Cory Howerton

Cory J. Howerton is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Professional Sports Operatives, a Seattle based facility and team sales and marketing company which provides hands on consulting services to professional sports organizations across the country. Howerton brings twenty (20) years of experience in professional sports, facility management and sales to the position.

Howerton’s background is a history of successes in sports entertainment and facility marketing. Since 1999, he has orchestrated four franchise turn arounds, and collaborated on two facility naming rights agreements that brought record revenues to the facilities and the teams associated with them.

A native of Sumner, Washington, the Pacific Northwest native has spent his career developing strong personal relationships with local regional and national corporate partners in a variety of categories. This includes assisting teams with record revenues in banking, automobile, soft drink, Auto repair, air travel, public utilities, car rental and insurance. In all, Howerton has developed sponsorship revenues exceeding 70 million in the Pacific Northwest alone, and well over 100 million nationwide.

As the sports and entertainment industry has evolved, Howerton has consistently been an innovator in the areas of revenue growth and generation, connecting the consumer with corporate brands and ticket sales programs that have consistently set team and league records. In addition, Howerton has spent countless hours mentoring and developing the entertainment marketers of the future, placing many former employees into leadership roles throughout the industry.

Today, Howerton heads a sponsorship and ticket sales development company that is recognized as an industry leader in the development of people and programs.

Howerton is a sought after speaker on a variety of topics related to the sports and entertainment business, and books approximately 75 speaking engagements each year. He is one of the most connected executives in the industry, with a Rolodex that begins in Seattle and stretches to New York, with well developed relationships with the top partnership decision makers in our industry.


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